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Journal and pens
I love journaling. Journaling's my favorite. It is! I started journaling in 10th grade and have been doing it off
be the light
I’ve thought a lot about the current situation regarding protests for racial justice and my thoughts are all over the
The Water Dancer, a novel with qualities of historical fiction and magical realism by Ta-Nehisi Coates, had been on my
Get started
When I think I have good reasons for not getting stuff done it's sometimes hard for me to admit I'm
Music can change the world because it can change people. ~ Bono Do you ever feel like sometimes you just
Next step
As the world emerges from this COVID quarantine, slowly in some places, suddenly in others, it can feel a little
small acts of kindness
A recent encounter with a stranger at a Tuesday Morning store in my neighborhood reminded me of how important it
Boat on the water
COVID-19 is a global pandemic that affects us all, so it may be true to say, "We're all in this
Keep hope alive
It's easy to feel discouraged about the future sometimes, maybe feel a little down about things, especially at this time
Photo by Ruby Montalvo published on rubymontalvo.com
When news of COVID-19 in China broke, I sympathized. It sounded like a horrible outbreak with so many people sick