5 Ways to stay motivated to finish what you start

It’s hard to get to the finish line sometimes. You get super-charged about doing something big, like starting a business, going back to school, losing weight, or getting out of debt.

Then the novelty wears off. Your motivation wanes and you wonder if you can finish what you set out to do. You’re not alone. It happens to everyone. 

If you’ve managed to get started, but can’t seem to finish,

Here are 5 ways to help you stay motivated and finish what you started:

1. Do something.

It’s great to have a plan of action, but when you plan and plan for days or years, and never do anything, you may have a case of “analysis paralysis”. Stop thinking, analyzing, and projecting. Start doing. Even small actions every day will help you keep momentum to get you closer to your goals. Remember the law of physics. A body in motion tends to stay in motion. So don’t stop moving forward. When you have a project in progress, doing something every day will help you stay committed to the end.

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2. Give yourself a deadline.

“Some day” never comes. Most people are “deadline motivated”. Look where you want to go. You set your course according to your focus. For more information about this idea, see Where you look is where you’ll go.

3. Be okay with imperfection.

You have to start somewhere. If you expect perfection out of the gate, you’ll be disappointed and not even want to play anymore. Remember that everyone was a beginner at one time. Be patient with yourself. Don’t make your expectation of perfection an excuse to never get started. Read previous post about being okay with being a beginner: You have to start somewhere 

Photo courtesy of pixabay commons published on strong-woman.com

4. Schedule your work.

If it helps to write out your daily plans, get a calendar and write them. Set it on your phone and remind yourself that you have an appointment to do whatever, like meditate, journal, read, etc.

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5. Stay focused by minimizing distractions.

Don’t allow things to keep you from what you want to do. Potential distractions are everywhere, technology and otherwise. I didn’t realize smartphone addiction is a thing until I read Time Magazine’s article about smartphone addiction and how to get past it: Here’s How to Battle Your Smartphone Addiction. What an eye-opener.

Stay motivated by keeping your goal in mind and make it a point to:

  • do something every day
  • set deadlines
  • be okay with imperfection
  • schedule your work
  • stay focused by minimizing distractions

Remember why you started and be ready to keep yourself going with a daily dose of motivation.

Napoleon Hill says, “Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which pulsates everything.” See last week’s post Success starts with desire