Are you getting what you expect?

The mind is powerful. Do your mental expectations determine how far you’ll go? If you “get it in your head” that you’re going to do something, does it mean you will?Downloaded from Pixabay published on

I had an experience recently that got me thinking about this idea.

I’m training for a half-marathon and had a long run the other day. Seven miles. That’s further than I’ve run in a while.

I planned to go out 3.5 miles, then turn around and run back to where I started.

At the 3.25 mile marker, I thought, “I feel really good. I could go further.”

But when I got to the 3.5 mile marker, where I had expected to turn around, I was ready to turn around. In that last quarter mile, I went from feeling enthusiastic and energetic one minute to feeling ready to be done the next minute.

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How could my disposition and mindset have shifted so quickly? Almost from one minute to the next?

I had set myself up mentally. It was a 7 mile run. I go to the 3.5 mile marker. That’s it. It’s like my brain told my body, “It’s time to turn around. You’ve gone far enough. You need to head back.”

It got me thinking about the power of expectation, about how when you get something in your head, that’s where you’ll go.

How often do we limit ourselves by thinking small when we could go big? By setting the bar too low? 

In what areas of your life could you shoot higher?

In what areas are you doing (and getting) less because you expect less? Are you holding yourself back by limiting your expectations?

If there’s something to the idea that you get what you expect, why not expect bigger and better than you have before?

Set the bar high. Expect good things for yourself. Prep your mind to accomplish more than you think you can. Get it in your head that you’re going to go further. You’re going to do more.

Because you get what you expect.