What to do when doubt gets in your head

What do you do when doubt creeps in? It can spoil your confidence and sour your mood.

Where does it come from?Photo courtesy of pixabay commons published on strong-woman.com

Doubt can creep up from inside of you. It may start small like a hint of something that causes you to second-guess yourself. A word from someone you don’t even know could trigger it. Maybe it’s a re-play of a recording of negative messages that you’ve heard over and over your whole life.

Whatever the source, you’re not alone.

Doubt happens. 

It happens to everyone. At work and in relationships. Even as a parent. Here you are doing your best, and then something happens, and then you’re like, “Oh my God. I’m a terrible mom. I don’t know what I’m doing.” You’re just filled doubt.photo courtesy of pixabay commons published on strong-woman.com

How can you keep doubt from beating you down?

Let go of perfection. It’s okay if you’re not perfect.

As long as you’re doing the best you can, just keep doing it.

You may need to tweak a few things. Who doesn’t? It’s okay.

Tweaking is part of the process. But whatever you do, don’t trash your project. Don’t think you’re no good or that whatever you’re working on is crap. 

Recognize doubt, be okay with it, and let it pass.

Re-group. Nurture yourself. Encourage yourself. (Click here to read a previous post about giving and receiving encouragement.)

Learn more if you need to. Do research on the subject. Read about it. There’s always more to learn. We get into trouble when we think we know it all.

Talk it out with someone you trust. Don’t keep it to yourself. Sometimes it helps to hear you’re not alone.

Don’t get stuck in the dark tunnel of doubt where you can’t see where you’re going and the immediate future seems uncertain. Just keep moving. You’ll get to through the darkness as long as you keep moving forward.

photo courtesy of pixabay commons published on strong-woman.com