Gift Ideas for People Who Have Enough Stuff

Giving gifts is a Christmas tradition for lots of people, my family included. But what do you give people who say they have enough stuff? That they don’t want or need anything, but you still want to continue your tradition of gift-giving?

....For it is in giving that we receive.   St. Francis of Assisi
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Statue of St. Francis of Assisi

Here are some gift ideas for people who say they don’t want anything and don’t need more stuff.


  1. Spa day
  2. Manicure
  3. Pedicure
  4. Massage
  5. Hair Style
  6. Facial

Time Shares

  1. Meal and a Hike
  2. A meal and a movie
  3. Day trip
  4. Sporting event
  5. Go to a Concert
  6. Picnic in the park
  7. Playing tourist (in town)
  8. Bowling
  9. Skating
  10. Game night
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Handmade Ornament

At their service

  1. Housecleaning
  2. Wash and vacuum car
  3. Home cooked dinner
  4. Wash the windows
  5. Assist with some project/maintenance
  6. A week of Meal Prep meals

Tribute Item

  1. Photo collage
  2. Video of memorable photos
  3. Tribute video
  4. Song collection

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    Catch a movie.

Sponsored Activity

  1. Trial membership to a gym
  2. Dance lessons
  3. Yoga session(s)
  4. Bungee workout
  5. Pilates sessions
  6. Tandem sky dive jump

These are just a few gift ideas for the person who has lots of stuff and says they don’t need anything. Some of the items may be activities you’re doing anyway, but focusing time and energy and thoughtfully planning a simple occasion, like a picnic in the park, help make that event particularly memorable.

Giving can be tremendous and joyful without spending a load of money. Keep it simple, think it through, and be creative. Surely,that special person will get as much joy in receiving your amazing gift as you get in giving.