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I had coffee with a friend the other day. She’d just gotten over the flu and had all the awful symptoms: fever, body aches, headache, congestion. She said, “I felt like I’d been hit by a truck. It was horrible.”

My friend explained how her flu reminded her of a co-worker who has an auto-immune disease and gets painful and persistent muscle cramps all over her body. (That made me think about how a nighttime foot cramp makes me writhe in pain.)

[Conversation paraphrased] “But, y’know,” my friend said, “you’d never know she was sick by looking at her. She’s the most positive person in the office. Never complains, always asks how I’m doing, goes out of her way to help people.”

After a couple of days with the flu my friend had renewed admiration for her co-worker’s strengthShe’s amazing. And seeing her helps me believe I can be strong too,” she said.

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Choose inspiration

You don’t have to look far for inspiration.

And you’re more likely to see the courage and strength that’s all around you when you look for it, when you choose to be inspired.

My friend found inspiration in her co-worker’s strength and positivity. She chose to be inspired by an ordinary person doing an ordinary thing in an extraordinary way. 

And I would guess her co-worker has no idea that she’s a source of inspiration to anyone. She’s just being herself, doing what she does.

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You, too, can be a source of inspiration

You may think: Me? Inspire someone? Nah!

But it’s true! You can open up a world of possibility for someone, inspire others by the things you say and do. 

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By just being you and doing what you do (like caring for a loved one or going to work with a great attitude or being a good listener) you could inspire someone who crosses your path, maybe even someone you don’t know and may never meet.

You can inspire others just like the words and actions of others can inspire you.

And you may never know the impact you make. That’s okay.

Just keep being your best self. There’s no other action required.

Inspiration. It’s a beautiful thing.

Be courageous, be strong, be happy.

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