Love Is The Answer

Valentine’s Day has me thinking about love.

Not just romance, chocolate and Valentine’s cards, but Love.

How would our lives be improved if we could love better, if we could love people as they are and where they are. Instead of analyzing them and wondering, “Why are they like that?” and “Why would they say that?”

We want them to be different so they’ll be more to our liking and easier for us to love. If only they weren’t so: negative, full of themselves, bubbly, quiet, distracted, etc.

Why do people have to be so annoying?

I was talking to a friend who had an awful time talking to a particular close relative. She loved this person, but would get highly annoyed at every encounter – what her relative said or the way they said it. She’d wonder, “Why is she like that?”

After much frustration, my friend finally gave it up. She realized it’s not her job to analyze the situation or to change anyone but herself. The best she can do is love people as they are. 

And when she changed her attitude she was happier. When she accepted that she can’t control what others say or do, but she can choose to love better, she was way happier with the relationship.

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It’s a heavy burden to try to change another person. And you can’t do it anyway.

But you can strive to love them better.

Isn’t that what we all want?

We don’t want our loved ones to only love us if we change more to their liking. Or to focus on our flaws and the selfish things we do or say sometimes. And don’t we all do and say things we wish we could take back?

But our cup overflows when they love us despite our flaws. That’s something to be humbly grateful for. 

On this Valentine’s Day celebrate Love. It is the answer.

And when we can love better and accept our loved ones as they are, we will be better for it.

Simple, but not always easy. Practice, practice, practice.

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