Make everyday better with an attitude of gratitude

Gratitude is a small and simple thing that can have a powerful effect on every moment of every day.

It can take you from grumbling about traffic to be thankful that you have a car, from being angry about something annoying thing your friend/spouse/relative did to feeling sincere joy that they’re part of your life.

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It’s like magic.

And even though gratitude works like magic, adopting an attitude of gratitude can take practice.

A few daily strategies to try are:

Write it out. Keep a gratitude journal. List 1 – 3 things/people/circumstances for which you are thankful.
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Count your blessings. Literally count 10 things you’re grateful for.

Be mindful. Bring to mind the people and things you’re grateful for when you feel frustrated, stressed, or anxious.

Give it a try. See what a difference it can make. And then keep doing it.

Do it for your own good.

It can be good for your health. (Read WebMd Boost Your Health With a Dose of Gratitude)

It can be good for your wealth. (Read Being Grateful for what you have now could make you richer in the future on

Getting in the habit of bringing to mind, letting your loved ones know, and/or writing down the people and things for which you’re grateful puts them at the forefront of your mind. And that changes everything.

Have a grateful attitude especially when you feel anxious and discouraged. You’ll feel better about your day, better about your life.