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Keep Cool This Summer
Ahh, summer is here. Long days, warm temperatures, outdoor activities, vacation, and relaxed schedules are unmistakable signs that it’s summertime, the
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Example of common inflammation published on strong-woman.com
Nutrition and inflammation – how are they related and why should I care?
Inflammation sounds alarming and serious, and it definitely can be, but it’s also common and normal. It’s your body’s way
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Ruby in mud published on strong-woman.com
5 Things I Learned While Running an Obstacle Course Race (OCR)
Reveille Park in Burnet, TX – a beautiful, picturesque place, especially in the spring. Delicate yellow, red, and violet wildflowers
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Going Gray - 5 months in published on strong-woman.com
Going Gray Update
Just a quick update on my going gray status. The last time I dyed my hair was right before Thanksgiving
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My dreamboard published on strong-woman.com
My Dreamboard and The Law of Attraction
I made a dreamboard (also called a vision board) about a year or 2 ago. I put pictures and quotes
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To Weigh or Not to Weigh?
To weigh or not to weigh: that is the question. If you’re trying to lose weight, this question becomes an
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Courage published on strong-woman.com
Flex Your Mental Muscle
What’s the mind-body connection when it comes to good health? What does our mental muscle have to do with building
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Book Review: ‘The War of Art’
At a recent work training, a few of my peers and I chit-chatted about various things and we started talking
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3 Songs and a Message
The other day on my way to work I had an unexpected reaction to a string of songs playing on the
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Going Gray – Stage 1
I decided to stop coloring my hair. Yes, it will be gray. Or silver. Whatever you want to call it,
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