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I was browsing the books at a local book festival when I came across Babara Bradley Hagerty's book released in
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You've probably heard that exercise is good for you. Good for the body; good for the mind. Piles of research
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Have you been wanting to lose weight? Maybe you need to gain weight? Are you concerned about your health? Do
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"Happiness will come to you." That was the message in a fortune cookie I received recently. My first thought was, "Oh
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Everyone gets sad sometimes, maybe a little blue and not very energetic or joyful about anything. Sometimes you know exactly what's
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On a recent 3-hour drive home from Galveston to San Antonio, I listened to an episode of “This American Life”
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Ahh, summer is here. Long days, warm temperatures, outdoor activities, vacation, and relaxed schedules are unmistakable signs that it's summertime, the
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Inflammation sounds alarming and serious, and it definitely can be, but it’s also common and normal. It’s your body’s way
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Reveille Park in Burnet, TX - a beautiful, picturesque place, especially in the spring. Delicate yellow, red, and violet wildflowers
Going Gray - 5 months in published on strong-woman.com
Just a quick update on my going gray status. The last time I dyed my hair was right before Thanksgiving