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Complicated bike
Destin is an full-time engineer who explores the world and shares what he learns on his YouTube channel "Smarter Every
crochet lessons
I decided to learn to crochet mostly because I liked the idea of making stuff people could wear. I had
Must read book
If you only read one book this year, read The Gift of Fear - And other survival signals that protect
You know things don’t happen by themselves, that your plans, dreams, aspirations, bucket list items, things you’ve always wanted to
Recommended-king of the hill
Looking for some light entertainment? I recommend you check out King of the Hill. Greg Daniels (Parks and Recreation, The
Feeling trapped
I've had Coronavirus on the brain for a while. Ever since the news of the virus hitting Northern Italy hard,
I read each of these audiobooks via my local library Libby app and they are all well worth a listen.
axe throw
My family and I were big fans of The Walking Dead a few years ago. It sparked some interesting discussion
What to watch next
If you find yourself stuck at home with not many places to go for some reason (like I don’t know…Coronavirus
photo by ruby montalvo published on strong-woman.com
We all know this if we really think about it, but sometimes it's good to remind ourselves…you can’t control anyone