A few recommendations on what to watch next

If you find yourself stuck at home with not many places to go for some reason (like I don’t know…Coronavirus has shut everything down) and you’re looking for what to watch next, here are a few suggestions.


When I saw that the series is set in San Antonio, it became a must-watch for me. I love seeing my hometown in its animated form, but the interesting story and well-developed characters are what kept me watching.

Undone is about a young woman trying to find her way in the world. She doesn’t want to get married and have kids and do all the “normal” things most people want to do (and her mom wants her to do).

When she survives a near-fatal car accident things start to get weird. Nothing is as it was before, like time, the natural world, and what she knows of her own family history. Undone, Season 1 (8 episodes) is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

Click here to go to the series page on Amazon.com.

Miss Americana

The Miss Americana site says it best: In this revealing documentary, Taylor Swift embraces her role as a songwriter and performer — and as a woman harnessing the full power of her voice.

When I see superstars like Taylor Swift I don’t usually think about what got them there, the sacrifice, price of fame, and what it takes for them to stay at the top of their game. But this documentary shows all that, from footage of a little girl dreaming of being a singer to the very real disappointment at not being nominated for a Grammy (that one time).

We see Taylor Swift’s story as a gifted singer-songwriter who grows up in the scrutiny of the public’s eye, works hard, wins a ton of awards, experiences heartbreak, struggles with body image and, through it all, discovers who she is and what she stands for.

Miss Americana is a Netflix original movie. Click here to go to the movie page on Netflix.


Also on Netflix, this 6-episode series explores the science of babies’ development in their first year of life.

Episodes titles are:

  • 1. Love
  • 2. First Food
  • 3. Crawling
  • 4. First Words
  • 5. Sleep
  • 6. First Steps 

Fascinating stuff and as a grandma of an infant : ) this show is teaching me a lot.

Click here to go to the series page on Netflix.

American Factory

An Ohio town is hit hard when the big manufacturing plant in town shuts down.

So when a Chinese manufacturing company reopens the factory, people are excited and eager to get back to work. American Factory is about the struggles the workers and leadership face to make the venture a success.

And it’s about how culture is deeply embedded in each of us, in what each of us does, thinks, believes, and behaves. In ways we don’t even think about. 

Click here to go to the movie page on Netflix.

Need more ideas about what to watch? 

I saw this article and slide show published on the San Antonio Express News website, mysa.com, but it was first published on Stacker.com.

How long it takes to binge ‘The Office,’ ‘Game of Thrones,’ and 50 other famous TV shows  

The list is extensive and includes run time of each show. Hours and hours of entertainment!

I’d love to hear from you! What movies or shows can you recommend?