Travel Lightly by Checking Your Baggage

Lighten your burden by traveling lightly. Check emotional baggage; it’ll weigh you down.

What’s emotional baggage? It’s sadness, anger, or hurt we continue to feel about an event or person that happened some time in the past.

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Emotional baggage can weigh you down.

Why do we hold on to it? Do we really want to continue experiencing those negative feelings about something that happened a long time ago?

Carrying that pain around is a heavy burden and it’s exhausting. Sometimes the anger and hurt go so deep that it feels like you won’t ever get past it.

But you can.

Release your grip on your baggage. Choose to check it even if you’ve gotten so used to holding on to it.

How do you let go?

When you live in the present, it’s easier for forget the wrongs of the past.
Forgive. Swallow your pride, release your grip, and then let go.

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Leave the hurt, disappointment, and pain from the past in the past.

That’s the only way to make room for grace, love, and happiness to take its place.

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    Words of wisdom!!!

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      Thanks! Merry Christmas to you and yours : )

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