What are you working on?

The more complete questions is: What are you working on for your happiness?

photo courtesy of pixabay commons published on strong-woman.com

What are you working on to make your life more fulfilling?

It’s Labor Day, the day dedicated to the American worker. People are generally good at laboring at a job. But what about laboring toward your personal growth and happiness?

Are you prepared to answer the question?

While your response may be related to your job (i.e. going to school to further your career), it doesn’t have to be.

Maybe you’re working on breaking a habit, like eating sweet snacks every day. Or maybe you’re working on starting a habit, like exercise or reading books.

After that, you can start working on making that hiking trip you’ve always dreamed of (or some other cool project) a reality.

None of this is ground-shifting stuff. It may not make the news or go viral on social media, but if it’s important to you, it’s important and worth your effort.Photo courtesy of pixabay commons published on strong-woman.com

When are you going to start working on your happiness? Do you have personal goals that you haven’t started working toward?

Life is too short to wait.

Happy Labor Day!

Today and every day, work on something that contributes to your personal goals and happiness.

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  • September 4, 2017 at 8:16 am

    Great insight starter … thx!!!

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