You have to start somewhere

When you start something new, your first attempt might be rough and awkward. It may not look like much. Don’t give up. Nothing’s perfect the first time around. You have to start somewhere.

Think of it as a first draft.

Ernest Hemingway once said:

The first draft of anything is sh**.
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An Early Draft of Declaration of Independence

Think of a song, a book, a design, or any other work you admire. The end result looks nothing like the first draft.

Some examples:

Stephen King’s 1st draft of Carrie went in the trash because he thought it was terrible. It turned out to be his breakthrough work.

Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars nearly abandoned the production of “Uptown Funk”. It took months to finish and took on many different versions until they were finally happy with the finished product. (Read the story at

Try, try again

While we may know in our heads that it takes working and re-working at something to get better at it, knowing it and embracing the idea in our hearts is so much harder to do.

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It takes courage to be a beginner. It takes persistence to want to get better, to keep learning and practicing.

Keep working at it.

Have a beginner’s mindset.

Learn all you can.


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Progress takes time and effort. Don’t give up.

No matter what you’re goals are, remember the first draft of anything is sh**.  Do it anyway. Keep at it. That’s the only way you can make it better.

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